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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let's start at the end

I quit.

Telling the boss that you're moving on - even without a backup plan - is an endorphin rush. Yet common sense (and Suze Orman) tells us that leaving a "steady" job without another lined up isn't too swift. Especially during a recession.

Over the last few years people held onto jobs they weren't satisfied with (read: dreaded). But recent stats show that more and more workers are voluntarily leaving their gigs for yet-to-be-determined opportunities.

Job burnout certainly plays a role in the trend. (More layoffs x tripled workloads without raises + crabby bosses = peace out.) Some might have a little red devil on their shoulders who whispers "life's too short." Others have the hutzpa to strike out on their own, thinking they can crack the "earn more, work less" algorithm.

Everyone's got a reason and a story. I'm curious to learn why people jumped ship without a "logical" plan, how they navigated the free fall, and if they succeeded.

If you're someone who has left a job without a clear next step, I'd like to feature your story in a Q&A format for future posts. If you desperately want out of a job and wonder how others pulled it off, stay tuned.

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Michael Sjostedt