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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

INTERVIEW: How to maximize Twitter with MMJ Tech's Jonathan Mast

By the end of 2010, Twitter boasts about 190 million users and counting. A good portion of Tweeters are entrepreneurs. I asked Jonathan Mast from small business social media experts MMJ Technology about some basics on how to use Twitter to its full potential.

What are the five must-do's when setting up a Twitter account?

- Pick a memorable user name. jonathanm or jonathanmast is good. jon3234m not so much.
- Upload a picture to your profile.
- Fill in your bio. Use keywords relative to your business.
- Send out a tweet (that would be a Twitter message).
- Find people (tweeps) you are interested in and follow them (at least 20 to start with). Use Twellow.com to look for people with similar interests or in similar industries. This is a great time to follow your competitors and see what they are doing!

2. What are some strategies to keep in mind when you start tweeting?

- Tweet regularly. At least a few times a week; a few times a day is better.
- Don't talk about yourself all the time.
- Use Twitter to establish yourself as an expert in your field. I recommend sharing links to articles and blog entries that would be of interest to your audience.
- Try not to have more than 120 characters in your tweet. This makes it easier and more likely that your tweets are re-tweeted (shared by others). Use a URL shortener like bit.ly to shorten long links that you want to share.

3. Can you describe how and why to use some of Twitter's features? (Lists, mentions, etc.).

- Lists are a great way to keep track of and manage your followers (or if your a bit paranoid to keep tabs on your competition without following them).

- Use Direct Messaging (use "d USERNAME" to send a direct message) to send private messages to other tweeps.

- Re-Tweet (share a tweet you like) regularly. If you read a good tweet choose Re-Tweet to share it with your followers. This shows you're willing to share the credit for good stuff!

- Use hash tags like key words to help get your tweets noticed. A hash tag is the "#" follow directly by a keyword (i.e. #socialmedia #marketing #business #branding).

- Use Twitter search for tweets mentioning you or your organization and then respond when you find them.

4. Which company do you think best uses Twitter?

- There are hundreds ranging from street vendors in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles to major firms like Southwest (@southwestair) and Jet Blue Airlines (@jetblue) as well as international companies like Ford (@scottmonty). There are literally thousands of success stories from small, one-person operations to large, multi-national companies. ALMOST ANY company can be successful on Twitter.

5. How do people manage to attract tens of thousands of followers?

- The most reliable way to get thousands of followers is to share and write content that your audience is interested in. Pick a topic and stick to it for the most part.

- FOLLOW BACK when someone follows you. It's simply the right thing to do and will increase your following.

- Be consistent. Tweet regularly and on topic.

6. How can you generate sales using Twitter?

- Twitter is a great vehicle to establish your credibility. Focus on establishing your credibility first (this takes MONTHS) and then focus on selling. Oh, and remember, no one cares about boring, mundane updates like "eating breakfast - oatmeal and toast."

- Remember that Twitter is only a tool. Use it to establish and maintain connections and always remember to reach out in person when ever possible. If you find someone interesting arrange a phone meeting, schedule introductions over coffee, etc. It's still about personal relationships.

BONUS TIP - To save yourself a lot of time, use a tool such as Hootsuite (you can get a FREE trial at http://ht.ly/3BIAo).